æternity Hub Africa

a software company developing decentralized applications on æternity blockchain (open source) platform


Build a thriving ecosystem of æternity blockchain decentralized application developers, designers, startup entrepreneurs, writers, artist and thought-leaders in Africa.
Create a pipeline (funnel) of consultancy projects from SMEs County and National governments.
Showcase use-cases and demonstrate how decentralized applications built on aeternity solve various problems in specific industries.
Promote æternity as the go-to blockchain development environment in Africa

Key features of æternity blockchain

  • - æternity implements a hybrid ofProof-Of-WorkandProof-Of-Stakeconsensus algorithm.
  • - æternity platform is built for mobile decentralized applications, making it most suitable for the African Continent.
  • - æternity blockchain is being built for scalable decentralized applications; It’s the first 3rd generation blockchain platform to implement“Bitcoin-NG”a feature that reduces latency in confirming transactions. Poised to offer unlimited number of transactions per second.

Our Staff

Apollo Eric

Africa Lead

Frank Deya

Chief Operating Officer

Gaseema Ndung'u

Chief Technical Officer

Peter Therenca

Lead Software Developer

Joyce Mwangi

Marketing & PR Manager

Charles Kijana

Branding & Design


UTU house, Spring Valley, Lower Kabete